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About Africaner Products


All Africaner products are web based, therefore can be accessible anywhere that enhance easy Data sharing and Collaboration.


All Africaner products are portable, therefore that enhance easy Installation and Maintenance. They can run in any device which reduces Hardware costs.

User Friendly

User Friendly

All Africaner products are very easy to use since they have simplified interfaces and well documented which enable users of different levels to operate them effectively.

Why Africaner College MS?
Your Ultimate Tool
Africaner College MS work on all platforms
The system has functions for all areas encompassing student enrollmenty, admissions, students management, faculty management, attendance, fee management, scheduling management, grades and examination results, library management, staff management etc. The college system has advanced technology that integrated with all necessary tools to help students, teachers, and who are connected with the college. This system keeps records of all students as per their academic program. It simply the management of administrative process. Allows keeping relevant information about the students, guardians, teachers and other employees so that can be accessed by the authority anytime required.
Africaner Inventory MS
Africaner Inventory MS
Africaner inventory MS
Africaner inventory MS
Secured & Reliable Product
It is very reliable
Maximum security is provided to the system by having backup utility, restoration system point and crash recovery utility. By put into consideration the presence of insecurity in internet, the system is made of three level security layers to ensure is impenetratable, secured and remain legitimate to its users by providing uncompromised and intergrity information. Africaner College Ms, is made by strong database which can save Gigantic data.
If I buy the system, how long does it take for me to get it ready?
If you have no any additional requirements to be added on apart from just customization it takes 2 weeks only however in case you have new features to be added on, their requirement will determine the duration.
What is your payment terms?
The customer is supposed to pay 50% as downpayment then can pay next installment in the middle or after the deployment of the system.
Whatif I have extra requirements?
The additional requirements will be reviewed before the final agreement has been reached. Once we all accepted the new requirements shall be implanted onto the system.
Can this system work offline?
No, we advocate all our customers to use web based technology due to high reliability, accessibility, portability, data security and flexible technical support.
Which kind of support can I expect when I buy the system?
Immediately after the deployment, we train our customer's users the best and efficient way to use the system. We keep 24/7 technical support after the development phase.
Features & benefits
Students Management

It manages student registration ie enrollment and admission. It manages all students records ie academic and accounting

Staff Management

The system manages the registration process of all teaching and non-teaching staff. It also manages all their records

Academic Management

It registers all faculties and their schools. It registers all courses and their course units. It registers all program. It manages attendances, grades and academic reports and so on.

Library Management

It manages all library functions by facilitating books registration and indexing, borrowing and returns procedures, status etc

Accounting Management

The system manages expenses and incomes. It records all students payment and generate payment history for future reference

Inventory Management

It registers all college's stores. It manages all items registration, issuing out process and their status through out the college

Report Management

It generates all types of reports. Reports generated are in standard format. The reports can be exported to different versions ie PDF, Word documents etc


It can easily be customised to meet your additional requirements.

Our 24/7 Technical Support team
Eng. Niwoogaba Joel
Eng. Niwoogaba Joel Level 3 Support Officer
Eng. Kisubi Joshua
Eng. Kisubi Joshua Level 3 Support Officer
Eng. Wandera Timothy
Eng. Wandera Timothy Level 3 Support Officer
Ms. Diana Nakyazze
Ms. Diana Nakyazze Level 2 Support Officer
Mr. Thobias Gedi
Mr. Thobias Gedi Level 2 Support Officer
Eng. Raymond Eliezer
Eng. Raymond Eliezer Level 2 Support Officer
Mr. Christian Nkayilu
Mr. Christian Nkayilu
Mr. Christian Nkayilu
Sales and Marketing Director - Liquids Burundi
I appreciate the work done by Ufanisi Burundi, we gave them a work to develop our system, the system which failed many software companies here but Ufanisi produced it in a very short time and it's well done according to our small details.
Mr. Paul Malogoi
Mr. Paul Malogoi
Mr. Paul Malogoi
Media Administrator - AICT HQ
Through the web system implemented to our church we have been able to simplify our record management and improve our media information processing.
Madam Ntuli Damson
Madam Ntuli Damson
Madam Ntuli Damson
Managing Director - Gin Investment
Ufanisi Africa are creative and have simplified works which adopt business needs.
Mr. Wilbard Golita
Mr. Wilbard Golita
Mr. Wibard Golita
Senior Auditor
I have experienced various products of Africaners, they are user friend and very helpful in simplifying tasks. Their accounting part is accurate and has many reports in simplified way.
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